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Disc Golf in Acadiana – A Great Outdoor Sport!

picture of basketDisc golf, not to be confused with disc wars on Tron, is a great sport that few people know about. It’s a game you can play by yourself, or with multiple friends. The name itself is pretty much self explanatory of what it is. It’s a combination of golf and Frisbee. The objective is to through a disc, somewhat like a Frisbee, into a basket located away from the tee box from which you start from. The rules are just the same as they are in golf, even those pesky out of bounds rules that add extra shots to your score. Holes, like in golf, use the par system to rank wold you should shoot on a

Acadiana park, located in Lafayette, LA.  Hole 15

Acadiana park, located in Lafayette, LA. Hole 15

hole. This takes in the factors of distance and difficulty of the hole. A major selling point selling point of the sport is the cost of it, or should I say the lack of cost. Disc usually run an average cost of thirteen dollars. Disc come in all shapes and sizes and are used for different situations. There are drivers, midranges, putters, and everything in between. Some have more turn than other, and some fly as straight as you can throw them. You can find disc at your local sports stores and hobby shops. The other factor in the cost in the game is, that you usually don’t have to pay to play. Roughly ninety percent of the courses are run by either the city or state and are located at your local park. I’m Lucky enough to live in Lafayette Louisiana which has four free local courses to play on. The largest of the parks to play on here is Acadiana Park, which is also the hardest. It’s got fifty-four holes to play on, which is divided into three eighteen hole courses, and the course is heavily wooded. Girard Park has one of the easiest courses in town and is a nine hole course. The only down side of playing there is that there is usually a lot of people there, so playing can become difficult unless you don’t mind taking someone out with a disc. Hence the reference to disc wars, because getting hit by one is rather uncomfortable to say the least. The other course is Pa Davis Park which is fun. If you are too busy to get out and play at your local park, there is an arrangement of portable disc catchers and basket that you can bring home and set up in your back yard or local field.

Assortment of Disc

Assortment of Discs to Use while playing

Playing the game is actually great form of exercise since you walk the whole course and are throwing disc the entire time. It is not to exhausting though. more of a cardio workout than anything else. It also develops good hand eye coordination that will help you with other things in life. The fun factor, to me and my son, is through the roof. We try to play at a minimum of two times a week, but if it was up to him, we would be there doing it everyday. You have to remember,that you will not be a pro right out of the gate and it will take some time to develop your own technique to become better and better. I would say that everyone should at least try it once in there life, because what do you have to lose, besides a few pounds. Just remember to bring something to hydrate your body with. Most of the courses that I have played throughout the South do not have any type of hydration along the course unless you don’t mind drinking from a stream or creek. Moral is, Get out there and have some fun, you might like it!

Acadiana Park – 1201 E. Alexander Street Lafayette, LA 70501

Girard Park – 500 Girard Park Drive Lafayette, LA 70503

Pa Davis Park – click here for a score card – 4834 Moss St, Lafayette, LA 70507

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